It Takes Two To Tango

This body of work is about relationship. I searched a way to express a flow of emotions using a minimum of features. Each head is presented on a plinth that determines its territory. Each pair works individually but belongs to the same group. 

My heads show human flaws and vulnerability. The heads do not look like anyone in particular but are a blend of family features an stylised beauty.

I chose black clay and porcelain because these clays are very different in many ways not just in colour but in density, in touch and in look. The black clay represents the male, as the clay looks strong and heavy like a stone whereas the porcelain displays feminine qualities as it looks smooth, fragile and sensual.

Although the heads are quite similar in their features, the emotion is communicated by the tilt of a head or the stretch of the neck.

In the end the group of couples portray harmony or tension within the life of a couple from the start of a relationship to its break up.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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looking in the same direction

black and porcelain heads